Friday, 10 August 2012

Pudełko z różami - Vintage roses trinket box

Wreszcie skończyłam pudełeczko na zamówienie! Na życzenie zamawiającej zostało one ozdobione motywem róż, który często gości w moich pracach.
Poniżej kolejne etapy powstawania tego uroczego pudełka.

Finally finished! Trinket Box made ​​to order to fit the mirror, which I showed earlier. I will show you step by step how it was created.

But first I'll show you a finished box :)

A quick look at my messy work table and we can start

First, I choose part of the napkins which match the dimensions of my box. I choose the centre of the napkin. Lid of the box was painted with several layers of acrylic paint - colour matching to the background of the napkins,  and sanded with sandpaper.

I used decoupage glue 2 in 1 (glue & varnish). After drying the napkin and lid was covered with several layers of satin varnish.

 Now time to fun. We are adding shadows to an image to give him depth.
I use acrylic paints mixed with a bit of blending gel.

When dry, cover the lid with varnish to protect the shadows.

Now you can paint remaining walls of the box and finish with several layers of varnish

Voilà :)




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