Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vintage Roses - mirror / różane lustro

Moje lustro wreszcie zawisło na swoim miejscu! Kosztowało mnie mase pracy, ponieważ rama, którą przyszło mi ozdabiać była wcześniej pokryta kilkoma warstwami farby i pastami strukturalnymi. Po wielu godzinach udało mi się je oszlifować i ozdobić używając mojego ulubionego motywu różanego oraz postarzyć przy użyciu różnych preparatów dających efekt spękań oraz patyny. Ostateczny efekt jest niesamowity - zdecydowanie lustro teraz wyglada o wiele lepiej niż wcześniej.

Finally mirror frame is finished and whole mirror safely hung in its place!
Definitely it wasn't neither cheapest nor fastest method of ageing it but let's face the fact - it was worth it!
The mirror is outstanding. It was worth every hour I have spent in my studio and every penny I spent on materials. It took long time to achieve final effect. I had to sand down the frame through few different layers of paint, starting from golden and ending on pink. Next I painted it with base coat in brown colour so during the process of painting it with final colour (antique white) expose brown colour on the edges. Next step was to add roses using decoupage technique and adding shades to create depth. Two opposite corners which haven't been decorated with roses were treated with special varnish which creates cracks after painting it with bright colour showing brown paint. Then I painted corners which had roses with crackling glaze to create effect surface cracks and to make whole frame evenly finished. I filled cracks with contrasting porporine and all was varnished several times with gloss lacquer. At the end I touched up shades on frame with liquid patina, fitted mirror and voilà! Project finished.

If you live in Argyll and you have mirror you are fed up of ( or even a frame - decorated in such way looks gorgeous) you can contact me. I promise final effect will be absolutely amazing and one of the kind! 

 Yep, that's me :)

Step by step

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